The Weeks are Running By

Is it me, or is Summer whizzing by? I’ve not kept up with my blog as regularly as I would like, and I’ll be making an effort to change that starting today. There have been posts brewing in my mind, and it’s time I commit to getting them down on paper, so to speak. For today, I’ve got another log of my runs over the last week, and some new things I treated myself to. 🙂

Wednesday: 6 mile tempo run. I rested Monday AND Tuesday and wanted to push myself a bit on this run. My average pace was 11:43, over a minute per mile faster than last week! But my pacing could actually use some work, my splits were 10:30, 10:50, 11:30, 12:09, 12:35, and 12:45. I think next time I’ll aim for more consistency in my pacing.

Thursday: Easy 3 mile jog, pace 11:45.

Saturday: 12 miles, pace 13:25. I had a route down in the valley in mind for this run. It is flat, paved, and closed to vehicle traffic, for the most part. The problem was that I foolishly dilly dallied during the morning and didn’t start this run until 10:00 am. By the time I was done, the temperature was in the upper 90’s, d’oh! Lesson learned, it’s Summer and no more long runs that start at 10:00 am or later! My legs and lungs felt great during the run, but the heat slowed me down quite a bit. That being said, I still managed to improve on my pace compared to last week, high five! I think I’m slowly but surely getting back to speed. Also, as a person who runs lots of half marathons, it is odd to think that 12 miles is normally my peak during training, but now that I’m marathon training, 12 miles is just the beginning of my build phase, whoa…

Lots of pretty on my new long run route.
Lots of pretty on my new long run route.
Boardwalk section
Boardwalk section
Towards the end I saw these guys :)
Towards the end I saw these guys, cute!

After that hot, long run, I came home to find that these had been delivered for me:


I knew my shoes were getting worn out, but I didn’t realize quite how worn they were until I looked at my mileage from around the time I bought my shoes a year ago, I had run ~700 road miles in them! I knew I needed new shoes, and when I found a screaming deal on Amazon (40% off!), I opted to buy two pairs to rotate between during my marathon training. I love these colors!

Sunday: 3 miles, hill work. Since I had missed my Tuesday morning run, and had felt great after my 12 mile run, I decided to do some hill repeats on this day. A few months ago I wrote about The Hill I train on near my house. My splits back then were 4:22, 4:31, 4:45, and 4:51. My splits on Sunday were 4:00, 4:03, 4:04, and 3:58. Wahoo!

The Hill
The Hill
Sporting my new kicks, of course!
Post-run breakfast: Nuun drink, protein shake (Hammer Vegan Protein), and Silk dairy-free yogurt, yum!
Post-run breakfast: Nuun drink, protein shake (Hammer Vegan Protein), and Silk dairy-free yogurt, yum!

On Sunday Troy and I also went on a short, mellow hike, where I got to take my new camera out for a spin. Yep, I’m the happy owner of a Sony RX100. It’s a really, really sweet camera, and I scored a great deal on it through Ebay. It’s used, but it’s new to me! And promise not laugh, but Troy and I have the same camera now. He got his just a few weeks before I got mine, we’re weird like that. Here are some neat pics I took on the hike:

So many flowers on the trail right now!
So many flowers on the trail right now!
Rafa loves a good hike!
More flowers.
This one actually wasn’t taken on Sunday. I went hiking on the same trail yesterday and snapped this shot.

Last week was a really great week for me! I managed to improve on my speed a little, and I think it’ll only get better as I continue doing hill work and speed work and building on my running base. I ran a long run of 12 miles, and I’m mentally ready to add more even though the farthest I’ve run in many years is a half marathon. I have a great training route for my long runs, and now I know better than to start my long runs so late in the morning. New shoes! “New” camera!


How often do you replace your running shoes?

Do you rotate shoes during training?


6 thoughts on “The Weeks are Running By

  1. Definitely rotate shoes during training. I don’t use the same shoes on back to back days, but I only really have one pair that I use for running, and then I wear an older pair for cross training/etc. I need to get another pair of my running ones to break them in before training really gets going, though.

  2. How did you like the river trail? I heard it can be a little sketchy but it seems so nice. I have two shoes in rotation right now – I think they have about 650 miles between them. But I did just get a new pair of trail shoes!

    • I really like the river trail a lot! It reminded me of Minneapolis running because while it was basically flat, there were still little bumps here and there. Also, no traffic, definite plus! I was told the section between Gardner Village and the Peace Gardens was good for running, and it seems to be good so far!

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