17 Weeks

I’m seventeen weeks out from the Twin Cities Marathon, and a few weeks past a hip injury that kept me from building on my half marathon base into full marathon training mode. I’m finally running regularly again, but nowhere near the mileage I had been planning to run at this point in my marathon training. It’s hard to not feel slightly panicked.

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But I know in order to get to the starting line in October, I need to not re-injure myself between now and then . And that means I have to slowly build up my miles. Last week I ran 3 miles on Tuesday, 4 miles on Thursday, and I planned to run my longest run in over a month on Sunday, 6 miles.

For my long run I hit the Pipeline Trail in Millcreek Canyon. I was hesitant to run on trail (I was running mostly on trails when I injured my hip), but every road near my house happens to be very hilly, and I wanted to make my first “long” run as easy as possible. The Pipeline Trail happens to be a relatively flat trail with some great scenery, so I was looking forward to running more than 3 miles on it.

The trailhead at Burch Hollow
The trailhead at Burch Hollow
Shaded trails are my favorite!
Shaded trails are my favorite!
Beautiful views in Millcreek Canyon
Beautiful views in Millcreek Canyon

The run was AWESOME!!! My hip felt fine, the trail was gorgeous, and I felt great during the entire run! I don’t think I could have had a better first long run in my marathon training. I didn’t know I needed a confidence boost after being injured for nearly two months, but having a great long run really makes me feel slightly less panicked about my marathon training.

Between now and the marathon, I also have tons of other fun running events to keep me busy. Next Saturday is the Park City Trail Series 5K. Last year I ran the 10K and 15K in this race series, and this year I’m signed up for all the races 5K, 10K, 15K, and half-marathon. My big Summer event this year is the Hood to Coast Relay. 12 teammates, 199 miles from Mt. Hood to Seaside, Oregon. And best of all, the race finishes on my birthday! This mountain girl is definitely looking forward to celebrating her 33rd on the beach!




12 thoughts on “17 Weeks

  1. Yaaay, I’m so happy to hear you had a fantastic run and what a way to start your birthday- fun running!!! Nice events!!! You will be busy this summer!! XOXO! Have a great day!

  2. I’m quite glad to hear that your run went well, and I have to agree that finishing HTC on your bday is kind of amazing. I know you will be, but be careful next weekend! And, if it any consolation, last year I was in a similar situation, and had to take some serious time off prior to starting training, and I want to say I had a shortened time line as well. Do any/all PT and preventional strength training that you can, and you’ll be fine!

  3. That looks like such a beautiful place to run!!! As for running on trails – I would actually advise that over roads. They say your body was meant to run on dirt/grass/hills/around trees/etc and not on a slanted piece of pavement. But I’m not a doctor. I just know I feel better after a good trail run!

    • I definitely love running on the trails here! I was worried since I was mostly running on trails when I hurt my hip, that continuing running on trials would be a problem, luckily that doesn’t seem to be the case!

  4. I totally understand the inclination to panic, but trust me…you’ll be fine. I had to take an annoying amount of time off due to injury right when my long runs should have been ramping up for Potts and it ended up being okay. You have plenty of time!!

    • Thanks! It really helps to hear from others who have been in the same boat! I remember reading your posts about your Potts training, and you totally kicked ass there! I’ll keep you mind as I panic 😉

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