I’m Running!!

It’s been about 3 and a half weeks since my diagnosis of FAI (for a little background read this and this). I took an anti-inflammation medication for two weeks, and felt great on my runs during those two weeks. I then stopped the medication, and on my first run post-medication, I had hip pain again. I was not a happy camper. Luckily I had an appointment with a physical therapist scheduled for the next day.

The PT had me do some basic strength and range of motion tests, and she was pretty sure she knew what was causing my hip pain, weak hips. I asked about my hip bone abnormality, and she told me that with as weak as my hips are, it was only a matter of time until I became injured. Ouch. The nice thing about knowing my hips are weak is being able to do something about it. My PT gave me several hip strengthening exercises, and with the exception of my backpacking trip last weekend, I have been doing them nearly every day. The plan is to strengthen my hips so that they are better able to absorb the impact from running. Since I had been running and experiencing pain, I was told that I could continue taking the anti-inflammation medication. I was told to continue running as long as the pain level was low. The hip strengthening sounded good, the running with minimal pain sounded good, the anti-inflammation medication did not sound good. I like to know when I hurt rather than continue running on a hip that’s struggling, so I opted to not continue taking the medication.

I took another week off from running and focused on building hip strength. This past Tuesday I decided to feel things out with a slow 3 mile treadmill run. The next day, I had no pain! Hooray! Not wanting to jinx myself, I took a couple rest days and tested out a run again on Friday, 3 miles at a local park. It was hilly and slow. I thought a few times that I was feeling pain in my hip, but I woke up today feeling great. No hip pain, again!

Pretty view at the park


I am one happy, pain-free runner at the moment!


Tomorrow I’m testing the hip out on a short and flat trail run. If things continue feeling well, I might be good to start rebuilding my base. I still have several PT appointments on the calendar and am working to strengthen my hips more. The reason why I’m not feeling pain could be due to the inflammation going away, so I’m a little paranoid about overdoing it, getting the hip impaction again, and having the inflammation flare up again. At the same time, my marathon training was to begin on Monday, and I was going to run 30 miles in the first week. It’s pretty clear that I’m some time away from a 30 mile week, so I’m revising my training plan and my marathon goal a bit. I figure I’ll build up to running 3-5 miles 4 days a week, then go from there.

So, I’m back to running! And even though I’m not running the mileage I want to run right now, running a few miles is much better than running no miles. Luckily, I’m pretty good at keeping myself active outside of running. 🙂

May In Review

7 runs, 22.72 miles

3 climbing days

2 mountain bike rides, 12.7 miles

7 spin classes

4 elliptical workouts

8 hikes, 41.03 miles

4 strength training workouts


Any tips for coming back to running after an injury?


13 thoughts on “I’m Running!!

    • Thanks! I plan to build very gradually, it’s hard to not jump right in to the high mileage weeks with a marathon this Fall. I have to keep telling myself that if I want to run this Fall, I have build slowly.

  1. HA Coming back from injury. A) do what the PT says–do your exercises, do them religiously. B) Strengthen your glutes as well–all of the supporting muscles to the hips/hip flexor area. C) Be prepared to have a warm up that is as long, if not sometimes longer, than the run itself. I am meticulous in my warm up, now, and it honestly does make a huge difference. I work to activate my glutes, my ad/abductors, calves, hamstrings, to release my back… and I feel better than ever now when I run (knock on wood).
    But welcome back! And cute new blog design

    • Thanks! I definitely have glute strengthening on the agenda. I’ve been meaning to start doing a dynamic warmup before my runs, thanks for the reminder to look into that!

  2. Yay! Glad that you’re back! Scary to think that 18 week training plans start TOMORROW. Hope the PIpeline went OK for you. I do my physio every night watching TV and then have some chocolate to reward myself.

  3. The title of this post just put the biggest smile on my face! I’m so thrilled for you! (And you are adorable and so photogenic too). Hooray for pain free runs! Despite everything that happened you had such a solid May too!

    Best I can say is just listen to your body and work back into your mileage, but I think you know that already. 🙂

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