Sugar Update:

A few weeks ago I wrote about my ridiculous sugar cravings and my plan to break my habit. I was going to take three weeks off from eating added sugar, with only a few exceptions (I love Coffeemate!). Those three weeks came and went, and I mostly stayed away from sugary sweets. There were two times when I was hanging out with girlfriends that I let myself indulge a little, other than that I stayed away from added sugar. Now that my three weeks are done (just in time for ice cream season!), here are a few things I learned from the experience:

1) I’m a follow the rules person. If I have a rule for myself saying that I won’t eat sweets, then I won’t eat sweets. If I don’t have a rule, then I will eat sweets constantly. I’m not so good with the middle ground on a day to day basis.

2) I really like enjoying “special” sweets. When I was hanging out with a group of girlfriends for brunch, my one friend made crepes. There were savory ones, but also sweet ones with fresh whipped cream. Of course I ate them, and they were wonderful!

3) I get strong mid-afternoon sugar cravings. Sure I could just resist, but I prefer to have a sensible sweet snack.

With these things in mind I’ve made a new set of rules for myself. On a day to day basis I’m not going to eat cookies/cakes/chocolate, etc. For some reason, when I allow myself to eat these sometimes, I end up eating them all the time. I don’t need a dessert after lunch and dinner every day. I will let myself eat sweets on special occasions. An awesome dessert when I’m hanging out with my girls is a-ok in my book. I also want something sensible to satisfy my mid-afternoon sugar cravings, my fix for this is Luna bars. Yes, they’re a processed food, but I eat very little processed food anyway. And if these bars satisfy my craving enough so that I’m not eating a bag of chocolate, I’m okay with eating them. Plus they give me a little protein bump in the middle of the day, satisfy my sweet tooth and get more protein? Win-win! My final rule is that I will have ice cream. Once in a while. 🙂


Hip Update:

I was diagnosed with Femoroacetabular Impingement aka nagging hip pain two weeks ago. I started taking prescription anti-inflammation medicine and took it easy. I ran twice last week with no hip pain, hooray! I stopped taking the anti-inflammation medicine on Monday, per doctor’s orders. I went to a strength training class and did a 3 mile run yesterday, and today I have some hip pain. I’m not sure if I had this same discomfort last week and it was masked by the medication, or if this is something that needs to get checked out further, requiring that MRI my doctor mentioned. I emailed my doctor and will see what she tells me. In the meantime, my first physical therapy appointment for my hip is today. I’m hoping they can give me some guidance in how to manage this, I’d like to know if certain movements are more likely to aggravate my hip or if there are exercises I can do to help my hip.

For the short term, I’m going to hold off on running until I hear back from my doctor. This will likely delay my marathon training, which was going to start the first week of June, so I’ll probably have to revise the plan later. Hopefully, I won’t have to scrap it (fingers crossed!).

In the meantime, I’m doing lots of fun active things that don’t hurt my hip. I’ve returned to spinning classes at my local gym. They underwent a major renovation this Spring and with that came all new spinning bikes and new fancy schmancy spinning computers with lots of metrics for the data oriented, which I definitely am! The new bikes have power meters, and there’s a giant TV in the spinning room which displays the class’ data. Yes, you see the data for the other people in the class, no, it’s not nearly as strange as I thought it would be. One of the things I love about the new class is that we do a 3 minute time trial early on in the spin class. The bike computers collect our power data during the trial and sets up training zones for each of us. This allows us to see our percent effort on the TV display as we’re doing our workout. For example, when the instructor tells us that we’ll be at 80% effort for 30 seconds, I can see when I’m at that effort. The biggest benefit I’ve noticed in having all this data is that I push myself harder during class. I’m not always the best at going by perceived effort, so seeing my effort on the display helps me know how hard I’m pushing myself. And if I’m especially tired one day, that will be reflected in my time trail for that class, so my training zones are always based on what I can realistically accomplish that day. Here are some snapshots from today’s class.



Besides spinning, I’ve been doing more hiking. Troy and I are taking advantage of the holiday weekend to get out of town and do some desert backpacking. We both got new backpacks from REI this Spring, so last weekend we loaded them up and took them on a test hike. I was really happy with my pack. I’ve always rented backpacking packs and had a hard time getting them adjusted properly. This pack is the first pack I’ve used that actually distributes the weight onto my hips and not my shoulders. I’m looking forward to taking her out for a multi-day hiking adventure!

I look forward to posting about my trip soon, not only because I like posting about my trips, but also because I’ll be using my new computer! I’ve been using my iPhone as my primary computer for about 1.5 years now. It’s a great phone, but a less-than-great primary computer. I ordered a new Apple laptop and got Aperture pre-installed on it. I’m really excited to start editing photos again and to start typing on a real keyboard. Come back next week, and I’ll have some awesome Utah desert pictures for you! 🙂



12 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Ooo I’m excited to see your pictures next week! I love spinning and hiking and I’m so glad you can stay active despite the hip pain (and that you ran pain-free!) but definitely pulling for you to make a full recovery soon!

  2. Ha, I’m definitely not good with middle ground either (when it comes to sugar)! That’s a really great point you made!! I’m thinking about ya and hoping your hip keeps feeling better and better!! XOXO!!

  3. Dang girl, an Iphone is no sub for a computer, but I seriously admire what you are able to do with it! I’m really sorry about your hip, but I ‘m glad that you are keeping your chip up about the whole situation. It may just be inflamed now (since it started hurting) and just need to chill out a bit, which unfortunately can take time.
    Any life where ice cream is not allow is not a life worth living.
    And holy balls I want those bikes on my body. That is beyond that they will measure your exertion and such–what an invaluable tool for your workouts. There are bikes that show tv or rpms, but intensity is another thing entirely. SO SO JEALOUS.; Can’t wait to see pics and trip recaps!

    • Thanks! You’re so right about the phone being a lousy substitute for a computer, the computer came yesterday and I can’t believe I waited so long! Thanks for the encouraging words about the hip, I’m definitely taking it easy while I get this thing figured out, gotta be in prime shape for Twin Cities! The spinning classes are helping keep a positive outlook on things. 🙂

  4. Hooray for new computers and NO PAIN RUNS! That’s great! I think taking a bit of a rest is going to be exactly what you need though and spinning and hiking definitely sound like fun substitutes!

    • Thanks! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for no pain runs in the not too distant future! I’m really loving spinning and hiking right now, I’d be bouncing off the walls without them!

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