April In Review

Spring where I live can be fickle. Here’s a picture I took from my house on Monday:


Here’s what it looked like on Thursday:


Now that we’re in May, I’m hoping we have less snow and more sun! I live at just under 7000ft elevation, my neighbor’s house is neat. 🙂 Luckily when it snows in Park City during Spring, I can usually get down to Salt Lake City (~4500ft elevation), and enjoy snow free runs on and off trail. Utah weather is crazy like that.

Speaking of running, I haven’t run since Sunday. I’ve had a sore hip flexor since my half marathon a couple weeks ago, and I decided to take this week off from running. I’m hoping it heals completely and I can get back at it next week.

This weekend we’re heading to Fruita, CO for a mountain biking trip. When you can’t run, you might as well bike, right? I got my mountain bike last Summer, and this is my first mountain biking trip. I’m looking forward to biking and camping and getting some sun, the highs are going to be in the 80s this weekend, woo!


So I’ll end this brief post with my April in Review. I’ll post my May goals, a recap of my trip, and some Sunshine Award randomness next week. Have a great weekend all!

April In Review
10 runs, 53.93 miles
5 climbing days
1 Mountain Bike Ride, 6.3 miles
3 Elliptical Workouts
2 Strength Training Workouts

One of my goals for April was to be more consistent in my training. I’m not sure if I met that goal, but I hadn’t accounted for tapering for my half marathon and recovering from hip flexor pain. I’ll be making more specific training goals for May.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Who’s racing?


15 thoughts on “April In Review

  1. Have a fun, fabulous weekend!! Sounds like a cool trip!! You’ve had a great April!!! Good luck with your May goals!! You can do it!!! 🙂

  2. An injury can throw such a wrench in your plans! My March totals were no where near where I wanted them to be. I think your April looks great! And I actually laughed at the comparison pictures at the top of this post. Those could have been taken months apart!

  3. I am a recent follower to your blog and am enjoying reading about your training and racing experiences. It sounds like Park City, Utah is an amazing place to live. I have been trail running for about 18 months and slowly increasing the distances covered. I have a race next weekend (May 11th – http://www.trailsplus.com.au/macedon/) that will be my longest yet. Keep training…and please keep writing.

  4. sounds like a pretty good month! I hope the warm weather is there to stay! Maybe try foam rolling your hip flexor? Mine are always a little tender from all the running.

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