It’s taper time, so I’m taking it easy this week. No cycling, no strength training, just a small amount of running and a lot of rest, with a day or two of easy climbing.

Yesterday my friend irishrunnerchick penned a really thoughtful post about the events at Boston last year and how she was affected by them. It’s a really great post, read it. It inspired me to “dedicate” my run yesterday to Boston, and reminded me that I should always be grateful for: 1) this wonderful community I belong to, and 2) the fact that I can run.

I took to the trail yesterday, it was a great run:



Today I was feeling some soreness in my left hip flexor, so I decided to rest. If it’s better tomorrow, I’ll do an easy two mile jog. Taper is always a bit mental for me. I have to reason with myself that I will not lose fitness and fail miserably at the race, that one more run CAN hurt me and my goals, and that my training will carry me through the race.

For all the planning and training I do, and the fact that I’m running my 11th half marathon (and therefore should have enough experience to know better), I can really psych myself out during taper. I’m really looking forward to getting to the start on Saturday and running this anxious energy out of me!

Do you struggle with taper?

What helps you get through it?


4 thoughts on “Taper

  1. Taper time and wow your 11th half!! You’re so great! I understand what you mean about anxious energy but you’re going to do GREAT!!! XOXO!!
    During my tapers, my husband really helps me to get through it, also, I try to actively relax and ease my mind when I start getting anxiety about the half. It really helps!

  2. Have fun tomorrow, Irene. Taking a whole week off wouldn’t hurt you. It’s the bigger picture that counts; that you’ve done your training over the previous months…not days. I so a shorter taper, two weeks for marathons and one for half marathons, which forces me to take it easy. I usually cheat with long tapers anyway (run a hard pace or tempo run), so this approach works for me. Rest those legs; they’ll thank you for it tomorrow 🙂 run happy, Irene!

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