Running Long

Today I had a 12 mile run on the agenda. My half marathon is in two weeks, and this would be my final long run in preparation for it. I decided to run 12 miles of the half marathon course. I’m fortunate to live so close! I parked near the finish and took a Trax train to the start.

It was a bit rainy, but luckily it only sprinkled here and there when I was out. I’m not sure I would have been motivated enough to push through a super rainy day. For some reason this run had me nervous. My last long run was a super slow pace, slow even for a back-of-the-middle-of-the-pack runner such as myself, but it was hilly and at high elevation, so it wasn’t a good gauge of how I might do in the race. Maybe it was my nerves that did me in, but I started my run and within a half mile I suddenly got very hungry. How does that happen? I ate a small breakfast around 9, but by the time I actually started my run it was noon. I suppose I could have eaten a bigger breakfast, I ate 364 calories, but I still find it odd that I was as hungry as I was while running. Oh well, on race day I’ll be eating a little closer to the race start time, maybe that will help. After taking some time to eat some gel and chews (thanks goodness I brought extra), I was finally feeling good by mile 3.

The rest of the run went well! I know where the tough spots are going to be, and I know where I’ll be able to push myself. My average pace during this run was 12:25, still slower than I’d like to be right now, but nearly 2:00 per mile faster than last week, whew! I’m not planning any speed work during this taper, so my goal is to finish around 2:30. It’ll require me to be a bit faster than I was today, we’ll see how it goes! This run felt really good, I feel more confident about my half marathon coming up. I wish I hadn’t lost so much speed over Winter, but I’m feeling good about my ability to run well in two weeks and I think I’ll improve my speed once I start incorporating speed work after this half marathon.

Here’s a picture from the course, it’s scenic:


After running I picked up some groceries, got cleaned up, then got into my Pro Compression socks. I really think they helped me not feel sore after last week’s long run. I’ll have a better idea tomorrow how well they work.

Dinner tonight was a recipe from It’s called Spicy Basil Chicken, and it’s Troy’s favorite stir fry dish. Since there aren’t a lot of veggies in this recipe, I found a recipe in my Meatless cookbook called Warm Edamame Salad. The salad has mushrooms, sugar snap peas, red bell peppers, and edamame, it was absolutely delicious!


This week I’m starting my taper. I’ll do one strength training day, one spinning day, and four days of running with less mileage. I hope I don’t get too antsy during this taper!

Week in Review:
4 runs, 23 miles
1 climbing day
1 strength training session


5 thoughts on “Running Long

  1. Great job on your run and I love the scenic picture!! Very beautiful!! Wow, 2 weeks away!! Are you excited?! You’re going to do great! You’ve been putting in some fabulous miles!!

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