Happy Friday!

I woke up this morning feeling great, my legs seemed more rested than they have been in a while. After work I went to Liberty Park for a four mile run. It was a beautiful overcast day, and the temperature was perfect, it was in the mid 50’s.

For my run I decided to push the pace a bit. The run is flat, so it’s the perfect place for some tempo work. My mile splits were 10:54, 10:46, 11:19, and 12:00. I backed off my pace for the last two miles so that I wouldn’t tire out my legs too much. It felt good to pick up the pace, but I can tell I have some work I need to do on my speed. It’s Spring, so I expect to be on the slow side, but it’s now time to pick up the pace!


We didn’t have a meal plan for tonight, so we defaulted to going to a neat little restaurant down the road called Billy Blanco’s. Their cuisine is what they call Motor City Mexican. It’s a tasty place and pretty cheap by Park City standards. I got the taco combo plate, two mushroom zucchini tacos and one fish taco with a side of tater tots. The mushroom zucchini tacos were amazing! So much so that I’m going to try to copy them for our next Meatless Monday. I love when food inspires me ๐Ÿ™‚


After dinner we redboxed Gravity and stayed in, a quiet night in was just what I needed. I’m so glad it’s Friday!! I’m looking forward to another fun weekend!


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