Tabata Tuesday and an Anniversary

Yesterday morning I woke up to this:


Don’t get me wrong, the snow is very pretty and I do enjoy winter activities, but it’s April, it’s time to run outside, and snow isn’t very conducive to that. As much of a bummer as it is to wake up to snow in April, I have to tell myself that this is pretty typical for Spring in Utah and lasting warm weather will be here soon enough!

I went to Bodyfit class at work yesterday for Tabata Tuesday. We did eight sets of twenty seconds on with ten seconds rest for each of the following exercises:
Bulgarian lunges
1-2-3-4s (a hopping movement where you kick up with your left foot to touch your right hand, then kick up your right foot to touch your left hand. Then you kick your left heel back and touch it with your right hand, then kick your right heel back and touch it with your left hand)
Mountain climbers – alternating between using the floor and using a BOSU
Bicep curl shoulder press
Ball pass between arms and legs

It was a killer workout, and I’m feeling it today. To make sure I’m rested up for this weekend’s long run (my final one before the half marathon), I’m not going to another Bodyfit class this week. I want fresh legs this weekend šŸ™‚

I had planned a four mile treadmill run yesterday, but it was snowing all day and I was worried about getting home on time. When the roads are bad, traffic can really slow down a lot, so I skipped my run and headed home. Troy and I had plans to celebrate our one year anniversary with dinner at Sushi Blue in Park City. Sometimes it’s okay to skip runs, especially when you have a date night planned šŸ™‚

We had a great night. I had a cocktail, we split a giant bowl of gourmet ramen, three sushi rolls, and this awesome bread pudding dessert:


We had a great night of celebration. We’re getting married in a little over six months (!), and I feel really lucky. Here are some photos of us from this last year, I’m looking forward to many more years with Troy.






6 thoughts on “Tabata Tuesday and an Anniversary

  1. Oh wow, how special!! I love the pictures and am glad you had a wonderful night last night!! So fabulous to hear!! You’re such a hard worker, too!!

  2. Happy happy anniversary and congrats on your upcoming wedding! You guys are an adorable couple! (And that dessert looks phenom.)

    Snow IS pretty, but we had quite enough of it around here too. Thankfully I think winter is finally over. I hope you get your outside running temps soon!

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