Weekend Recap

Last Friday I had a four mile run planned, and I managed to get it done after work and before heading to a St. Vincent show (whew!). My run was an out and back from home. Besides the massive hill near my house that I do hill training on, the road I often run on goes steadily downhill from my house, which makes for a tough run back home. The elevation gain on this route, according to my Garmin, was 469 ft, most of that on the two miles coming back. My mile splits were: 10:47, 10:22, 14:17, and 16:50. I’m definitely weak in my uphill running. At least I got to see this pretty scene on my run:


Saturday was my long run day. I decided to do another out and back from my house, this time going out for 5.5 miles for a total 11 mile run. My legs were still sore from weight training during the week, so I decided to take it nice and easy. I kept my pace slow and on the way back there was a strong headwind and more elevation gain than I planned, 1,381 ft total, most of it on the 5.5 miles coming back, yikes! My pace was slow, I averaged 14:17, but I felt good about the run overall. With tired legs, headwinds, and lots of elevation change, I’m just happy to have finished.

After the run Troy and I had dinner plans with friends (Chicken Kiev – delicious!), and we all went to a local theater show. I spent the entire day after my run in my nifty new compression socks, and I think they really helped with my recovery! I woke up on Sunday with legs less tired than they were on Saturday, awesome!


Sunday was a day to relax. We went to the climbing gym, and I took it pretty easy. My big exciting plan for Sunday was to cook an Indian curry from my Global Kitchen cookbook. It was a version of butter chicken that used less butter/cream and replaced it with cashew butter. The result, so good! I didn’t get a picture of the dish I made, but below is a snapshot of the recipe from the book. Troy and I feasted and spent the evening watching a couple House of Cards episodes on Netflix. Are you watching that show? It’s so addicting!


Today was another rest day. My legs felt good, but I was just sleepy today, and I worked late. For our meatless Monday meal I picked out another recipe from Global Kitchen, it is called Red Whole-Wheat Penne, which is so non-descript. It is whole wheat penne and potatoes in a sauce made up of Harissa (a new food item for me – and likely to be a staple), lemon juice, almonds, shallots, and garlic. All this tossed with arugula and fresh basil. We ate this dish with a simple side salad.


I’ve now cooked four meals from Global Kitchen, and I think this book is a winner. If you like ethnic foods, this book is for you. There are some quick recipes, and some that take longer, but they have all turned out great! And there are so many more awesome looking recipes I can’t wait to try! This book is a new favorite šŸ™‚

Since I’m just under three weeks from my half marathon, I’m beginning to realize that I have no idea how my half marathon will go. My longer runs have been down a canyon, on a trail, and on the hilly road by my house. None of these mimic the half marathon course, which is slightly downhill for much of the way. If I want a good predictor of my race performance, I’m going to have to run a course similar to the race course. So this weekend I have my longest run planned, a 12 miler, and I plan to run it along the half marathon course. To really get a good idea of how I might do on race day, I’m going to take it easy this week with strength and hill training and focus on having fresh legs for the run this weekend. Here’s hoping I have a good final long run!

Week in Review:
4 runs, 23 miles
2 climbing days
1 spinning class
3 strength training sessions

March in Review:
15 runs, 78.48 miles
2 spinning classes
1 MTB ride, 5.5 miles
3 hikes, 12.5 miles
4 strength training sessions
5 climbing gym days

My April goal is to be more consistent in training, looking forward to warmer temps and longer days!!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Wow, great job on your runs and I love how creative you are in the kitchen!! It’s so wonderful and refreshing to read your posts!! You have the best attitude!!

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