Triples and Rest

Wednesday was a double, no, triple workout day (!). After a week of my gym being closed and another week of not going to spin, I finally woke up early and got myself to my 6am spin class. I was sore from strength training on Monday and my Tabata Tuesday workout, so I wasn’t sure spinning was such a great idea. Once I started spinning, I was so glad I was there. Sometimes the best thing for soreness is moving the legs a bit, spin class was just what I needed to get the legs loosened up!



After work I had another hill workout planned. The weather was predicted to be iffy, but as I was heading home it looked great. I got home, put on my running clothes, and headed out the door. By this point it had started to lightly snow, I wasn’t worried, I could run in light snow. I ran to the bottom of the hill and I ran back up, the whole time the snow kept getting heavier and the wind was picking up. By the time I was at the top of the hill, I canned my planned workout and ran home. It was snowing so hard, I had trouble keeping my eyes open. I finished out one mile of running and came back home.

When I started my run, there was no snow on my deck, 20 minutes later, it looked like this:



We go to the rock climbing gym on Wednesdays, and I decided to finish my run on one of the treadmills there.



After running two miles on the treadmill, I climbed four routes and I felt very tired. I decided Thursday needed to be a rest day. We climbed, then Troy and I got dinner at Chiptole (love that place!).

My training plan has me running four days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I think I need to change it up a bit. I might try running at most, two days in a row, running Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday next week. I hope switching up my running days and taking a break after two consecutive running days will help me feel better rested.

I had a very nice rest day yesterday, and Troy and I had some of Tuesday’s leftovers for dinner, yum! Today is FRIDAY!!!! I plan to go to Bodyfit today and run four miles easy, then later tonight I’m going to see St. Vincent in concert! Looking forward to getting a good start in my weekend 🙂


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