Good Running and Good Eating

I really enjoy my job, and one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much is that the company promotes an active lifestyle. We have a room of cardio equipment available at all times for our use, and they bring in a trainer to hold strength training (crossfit inspired) classes. I was a regular at these classes (they’re called Bodyfit at work), but things at work got really busy and I stopped going for a while. Well, today I made it in to Bodyfit, and it was awesome!

On Tuesdays we do Tabata workouts. The premise of Tabata is that you spend 20 seconds doing an exercise, rest for 10 seconds, then repeat this for a total of 8 repetitions. As our trainer says, it’s the longest 20 seconds of your life and the shortest 10 seconds.

In our Bodyfit class we do 5 exercises Tabata style, making the entire workout last for 20 minutes, perfect for a mid-afternoon strength session. Today we did the five following workouts: weighted squats, one arm row (alternating arms every 20 seconds), ab medley (star-sit ups, accordion abs, heel to ceiling, bicycle), bicep curl to shoulder press, and planks. I’ve missed this class and my Tabata workouts! At the end I was feeling tired, but good. My legs were especially tired, and I worried a bit about my planned 5 mile run, but I decided I would go as slow as I needed to and get the miles in.

After work I made my way to Liberty Park. It was the first day this year that the temperature went above 70 degrees, and the forecast called for rain tomorrow, so I wasn’t going to miss my chance to run outside in the warmth. I even wore my new running shorts. πŸ™‚ At Liberty Park there is a 1.4 mile loop, and it’s the most flat run you can do in Salt Lake City. I had 5 miles on my schedule, my legs were tired, I was a little worried at the start, but those worries disappeared as I ran. I felt great! Such a relief to have a great run after the awful run I had on Saturday. My legs were tired, but I easily maintained my easy 12:09 pace. Not only was the run great, but my new shorts were great too. Hooray!! I finished my run as the sun was setting and headed home for dinner.



Dinner tonight came from the cookbook Powerfoods from the editors of Whole Living Magazine. A couple years ago a friend had me over for dinner and cooked a meal that in my memory was amazing. That dinner was the main motivation for me to get this book, and the fact that it’s focus is on foods that are healthy was another reason why I had to have it. Tonight’s dish was the same dish my friend made years ago, chicken breasts with fennel, carrots, and couscous. Here are pictures of the book and some ingredients:



This recipe is great! Just as good as I remembered. The cook time once the ingredients were prepped was 30 minutes, perfect for a weeknight. This recipe has dried apricots in it and the flavor combination of apricots with the fennel and paprika is surprisingly very good! I omitted the olives because neither I nor the boyfriend are particularly fond of them, but if you like olives, they would probably be good here too. All in all this was a very satisfying dinner and I love how great it tastes with the little amount of time it took to cook, it’s definitely a convenient recipe. Here’s the finished product:


Today was a great day. Great strength session, great run, great dinner, I couldn’t ask for more!


4 thoughts on “Good Running and Good Eating

  1. Wow, very nice!!! It feels good when I read about people having great days and being very enthusiastic!! Way to go!! πŸ™‚ Dinner looks scrumptious!!

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