Win Some, Lose some

Yesterday I had a long run planned. My goal was to run somewhere between 11 and 12 miles, I like to be flexible on distance, depending on how I’m feeling. I woke up to a fresh coat of snow at my house, so I decided to postpone my run until later in the day, when the snow would likely be melted away.

Around 2:00 in the afternoon, I headed out. I made a quick stop at Whole Foods for Clif Shots and I picked up a macaroon – more on that later. I decided to run the Rail Trail in Park City, it’s a mostly flat trail going from Park City to Echo Canyon. So at 2:30 I started heading northeast on the Rail Trail from the Prospector trailhead. I noticed pretty quickly in my run that my stomach wasn’t doing so hot. It could have been the breakfast I had (even though I ate 4 hours prior to my run), or I might have been a little dehydrated, or it was that macaroon. A macaroon is typically harmless, but I have an egg white allergy and some macaroons are made with eggs. Had I not been running, an egg-laden macaroon would have been fine, but eating something with eggs in it and then trying to be active never goes well for me. Whatever the cause, I was not feeling good.

I tried to make the best of it. The trail was pretty, it was a beautiful sunny day, and I was running next to a creek. I hoped the stomach problems would pass, but after struggling for a little over four miles, I decided it was time to turn back.


As I headed back, I felt a strong headwind. I was beginning to feel pretty beat and down, then my head kicked in. The trail I was running on was empty, there were no houses anywhere nearby, I was close to the interstate, but if anything happened, I’d be screwed. Can you tell I’m anxiety prone? With my stomach still not doing well, and the wind slowing me down, I jog/walked three miles back to my car feeling pretty miserable.

I briefly considered doing my long run today, but I woke up and my side felt a little sore, just above my hip (I have no clue why it would be sore). So I went to plan C, mostly rest day (I did hike today). Any time I’m training for a race, I like to build a buffer in my scheduled long training runs. I start my long runs early in training so that in the event I ever miss one, I still have time to make it up. I’ve already done a ten mile run, I haven’t missed a long run yet, and I still have four weeks until my half marathon, so I’m okay with having called it quits on this week’s long run. I’ve learned an important lesson on this run, never eat a macaroon. Kidding, mostly. I think I need to plan my eating around long runs better, I also think I need to stay away from foods that I haven’t prepared before a big run. With these things in mind, I’m looking forward to a better long run next weekend.

Weekly mileage: 15.24 (not counting yesterday’s 3 miles of jog/walking)

One day cross training on the elliptical

One day of climbing

One 4.8 mile hike

It’s been a (mostly) good week!


5 thoughts on “Win Some, Lose some

  1. Great, I’m glad you’ve had a mostly good week and yuck, wind can really tire you out!!! I’m sorry you felt miserable during your run but I’m sure you’ll have another really great run soon!!

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