Easy Jog and Cross Training

Yesterday I had an easy 4-5 mile run planned for after work and before my book club. For several reasons, things did not go as planned. First, I was running late. Then when I changed into my running clothes, I learned that I forgot to pack a sports bra in my gym bag, d’oh! I hit some traffic on my way to Liberty Park, and by the time I started running (in my regular bra – I don’t recommend it), I had less than an hour to get to my book club. I decided I’d cut my run to three miles. I ran an easy pace, 12:00 miles, which worked out well since running in a non-sports bra is not conducive to running fast. My legs felt tired from the previous day’s hill workout, which made me feel better about having to cut my run short. I finished up my run and then went to book club. Yesterday’s dinner consisted of various snacks people brought, sometimes snacks make the best dinner 🙂

This morning I woke up to a little hip tightness, so I used my roller to work out some kinks. Here’s a picture of my torture device of choice:


I started foam rolling two years ago, knee injuries and physical therapy pushed me into it. It didn’t start out as a pleasant experience, but I do appreciate rolling out my tight spots now. It always makes me feel better, when I’m done.

Today was either going to be a rest day or a cross training day, then this happened and it became pretty clear which it was going to be:


I have a major sweet tooth, so cross training it was!

My gym has been undergoing remodeling for some time now. They had pretty much completely closed down all last week to complete construction on the new fitness rooms (including a new spinning room that will hold 25 new bikes!!). Today was my first day back to check out the new space (I did not make it to spinning on Wednesday morning, I blame it on the time change and sleeping in all last week while the gym was closed), and wow, it was awesome! The weight training area has been expanded, and there’s some new equipment. The cardio area seems like it doubled in size, and they added these:


It’s an elliptical that incorporates lateral movement in addition to vertical movement. You can look up octane fitness on YouTube to get a better idea of the movement. Of course, this was my cross training for the day. I did a 30 minute workout, and the verdict is: this thing rocks! My glutes, hamstrings, and outer thighs were pretty worked, and I intentionally took it easy. I’m definitely looking forward to doing more cross training on this.

Tonight we’re eating pork seasoned with Montreal Chicken seasoning and roasted sweet potato, parsnips, and cauliflower, yum! We’re staying in and watching American Hustle, I love taking it easy on Friday nights! Tomorrow, long run.



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